Many of the most beautiful wedding locations are also among the most remote. From scenic hilltops to rustic farm property, many in-demand locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions these days are far away from fully equipped kitchens or refrigeration units.

Luckily, when you work with Affordable Coolroom Hire in Melbourne, we make it possible for you to take you refrigerated goods with you. Our coolrooms are sophisticated and efficient, capable of keeping any food or drink cool and fresh even on scorching hot days. From meats ready to be grilled for the entrée to ice cream and cake ready to be served for dessert, all the way to drinks to stock the open bar, our coolroom solutions provide space to refrigerate everything that requires refrigeration.

Our coolroom hires in Melbourne are particularly well suited to weddings because of their innovative multi-compartment designs. One of our coolrooms is a unique designer four-door refrigeration system, making it easy to avoid cross contamination and remove different items from of the coolroom conveniently. For instance, behind one door, you can have the meats and entrée items. Behind another, you can store other delicacies or cake. Behind a third you can have the salads. And behind a fourth, you can store all of the beer, wine and liquor for the night. Everything stays cool and easy-to-access with our innovative coolroom hires in Melbourne.

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