How do you keep drinks ice cold, even on the hottest summer days? How do you prevent meat from spoiling, ice cream from melting or salad from wilting at a party or wedding reception taking place a long way from the nearest commercial kitchen?

The answer? Contact Affordable Coolroom Hire! We offer coolroom hires in Brunswick and provide only the highest quality systems and equipment. Our coolrooms and freezers are portable (most are trailer-based) but are capable of keeping your foods fresh and refrigerated up to outdoor temperatures of 45 degrees or more. Our equipment is also capable of cooling your food and drink, short or long term, down to zero degrees. Bottom line, when you partner with us to arrange a coolroom hire in Brunswick, you will never have to worry about serving a lukewarm beverage or a runny ice cream cone ever again.

The power and quality of the products we offer at Affordable Coolroom Hire have made us an in-demand refrigeration service in and around the Melbourne area. Our hires have been used for weddings, corporate parties, neighbourhood block parties, summer barbeques, family reunions and much more. No matter what kind of outdoor event you are planning, you can count on our refrigeration to make the food and beverage side of the equation just a bit easier.

Do you want to know more about scheduling a coolroom hire in Brunswick? Do you have any questions about the different refrigerator and freezer models we offer at Affordable Coolroom Hire? Get in touch by calling 041 207 19 13 or emailing today.